For Modern Businesses, building strong global connections is the pillar of their business life. These connections enable businesses to start as a small company and grow to a size they could never have imagined.

Or you have a goal to specialize, to be the best in the world. No matter what you do or where you want to reach your goal, you need reliable partners who care about your business and will help you reach your goal.

For this reason, you cannot find a better partner than BAVVEY, which serves with its experienced team to create a wide portfolio, supply chain and market share for its customers in branding, entering the international market.

You can count on us for a personalized, friendly service.

BAVVEY specializes in exporting all kinds of goods and products from Turkey to all over the world, whether it is products manufactured for itself or other ready-made products, in addition to its own products.

It exports medical, textile, food, Electronic and Technological equipment, especially in Turkey, China, Middle East, Africa, Black Sea and Mediterranean markets.

Why Turkey?

Turkey has a very important place in global trade with its unique location where the Asian, European and African continents meet. In addition, this location, nourished by thousands of years of trade culture from the Anatolian lands on the historical Silk Road route, gives Turkey a unique role in connecting the world in production and trade.

Today’s Turkey is the world leader in many industrial products with high added value, and one of the world’s largest producers in many fields from agriculture to animal products, from mining to service sectors. The real power behind the “Made in Turkey” brand is the hardworking, flexible and solution-oriented working culture of the Turkish people. Turkey’s production power, which consists of Turkey’s young population with a high digitalization rate, makes it a reliable business partner that seeks fast, quality and effective solutions in every sector.

If you believe that we will be the right business partner, you can send us your requests, find fast and high quality solutions to your needs, and experience the comfort of “Made in Turkey” products and services with us.

BAVVEY ; for corporate brands and other industry professionals from all over the world; is a company that can coordinate multidisciplinary purchasing, production, experience, marketing and business development functions, closely follows all the trends in the world, and offers more than 10,000 selected best products/services in more than 10 categories, in the fastest way, in personalized tailor work. Corporate Solution Center.

Since 2015, we are striving to be the solution partner that is satisfied, recommended and preferred again in all the projects we realize, with a service approach that offers our experience without compromising our core values.