Overseas Services



BAVVEY Company specializes in exporting all kinds of goods and products from Turkey to all over the world, whether it is products manufactured for itself or other products, in addition to its own products.

It exports mainly Industrial Materials, Medical, Textile, Food, Building and Construction Materials, Furniture, Cosmetics, Electronics and Technological equipment, especially in the European, Middle Eastern, African, Black Sea and Mediterranean markets.



We export many products, mainly Occupational Safety, Textile, Food, Industrial, Medical, Electronic and Technological Equipment, to some of our customers who have offices in Turkey.

Until today, we have exported to countries such as Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, France, South Korea, Georgia, Netherlands, Iraq, England, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine.



Bavvey is a recognized company in Import services management for international companies in the Türkiye. In line with the demands of our customers, we provide the production and importation of various products with our offices located in many countries of the world, especially in China, Japan, Germany, Italy, England, Malaysia, Thailand and Pakistan.



You can use transit trade services to diversify your services in Turkey which is one of the most powerful countries of the region on transit trade.

Transit trade means trade at transit countries for importation and exportation transactions between two other countries. Due to its geographical position, Turkey forms a bridge between Asia and Europe and benefits from transit trade much. Transit trade products are exempted from all kinds of tax and duties as they do not enter Turkish customs area and they are very important for foreign trade firms.

We offer the most effective choices on transit trade which is very complex but profitable area. We also contribute to sustainability of your enterprise with new chances and services of our firm.


Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label products, which the brand owner has sole control over pricing, packaging and promotion, and which the company sells under its own brand, offer more affordable prices to the consumer. They enable you to increase your profitability, ensure customer loyalty with the right and quality products, and differentiate you from your competitors in the market with your brand.

In today's highly competitive dropshipping business, it is essential for vendors to find new products to stand out. That's why we offer OEM/ODM/CM dropshipping services to help you grow your business.

We ensure that high quality and cost-effective products are prepared in accordance with the standards and features requested by our customers, all stages of the process from order to delivery are controlled by our expert staff, and as a result, they are produced under the guarantee of our company. Thus, we ensure that the products produced by many domestic manufacturers meet the world markets.

You can contact us to take advantage of the Private Label Product Service offered by BAVVEY.



We also serve our customers who want to have contract manufacturing for their brands.

Private label production and contract manufacturing, which are often confused with each other, are actually very similar to each other, but there is an important difference that distinguishes these two models. In contract manufacturing, the employer company produces a product related to its main field of activity. In the Private Label Model, on the other hand, the field of activity does not have to be related to the product produced by the employer.

For example; It is a contract production for any shoe company to produce shoes in another workshop. However, the production of shoes by any grocery chain in the same workshop is a Private Label production. As Bavvey, we will be honored to serve you for both contract manufacturing and private label production requests for markets such as Footwear, Clothing Textile, Medical Textile Products, Screen Printing (Textile), Disposable Pe products and Cosmetic products.


Custom Promotional Products

We produce products for all kinds of advertising, promotion and promotion projects for our customers' brand awareness efforts. For the products out of our production, we have the contracted manufacturers produce them and export them to the countries specified by our customers.

For example; We provide the services of producing and exporting a hairbrush requested in order to be given along with the X brand shampoo, with a design suitable for the brand.


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the integrated management of material, information and money flow that enables the customer to reach the right product at the right time, at the right place, at the right price for the entire supply chain at the lowest possible cost.

Our company continues its services by creating a customer base focused on satisfaction in all the sectors it serves, and establishing a correct supply chain with a world-class quality product understanding in the supply of product.