Ethical Values


  • Justice – We are a family that acts with a sense of right and justice in our business and relationships.
  • Ethics – We have high moral standards. We do not tolerate unethical methods and practices in our activities.
  • Reputation – We keep our reputation above everything else, we do not sacrifice it for any material benefit.
  • Respect – We see differences as wealth and reject all forms of discrimination.
  • Solidarity – We support each other in good and bad times, we work shoulder to shoulder.
  • People Oriented – We believe that success is possible and meaningful together with people. We always aim to develop people and make them happy.
  • National Value – We take care of all our national values ​​that make us who we are and we are wholeheartedly committed to these values.
  • Universal Value – We respect people and their free will, believe that love is the basis of their existence, approach them with a sense of right and justice, and perform our services with these values.


  • Perseverance – We are hardworking. We are determined. We do our best to keep our promise.
  • Driver’s License – We give the job to the competent person. We see working with the right person as the key to success.
  • Courage – We are confident. We can boldly say “we exist” in everything we believe in.
  • Leadership – We take an exemplary stance with analytical thinking, seeing “what”, “how” a situation or information will affect or what the consequences might be.
  • Consultation – We value different ideas and common sense. We prepare the ground for the free expression of thought.
  • Customer Satisfaction – We constantly try to better understand the needs and expectations of our customers, and aim to make them happy to work with us.
  • Human and Environment – We are sensitive to our environment. We feel responsible for promoting the values ​​of the company, country and humanity. We continue our work within the framework of ethical rules by giving importance to people, environment and social values.
  • Innovation – In an environment where “zero defect” is now accepted as a standard, we think that the most fundamental factor that will determine continuous improvement and innovation is “Innovation”.
  • Sustainable Excellence – We strive to achieve excellence and make it sustainable.