Domestic Services




We meet many industrial equipment needs of industrial establishments, especially Transport, Packaging, Stacking, Hardware and Work Safety Equipment.




In addition to industrial goods, our company meets your needs for many more products from Cleaning and Hygiene Goods to Disposable Products, from Electronic and Technological Products to Furniture and Office Living Materials.


Import Service
Indirect Export

Bavvey is a recognized company in Import services management for international companies in the Türkiye. In line with the demands of our domestic customers, we manufacture and import various products, which are generally not available in our country, through our offices in China, Germany, Pakistan, Italy, Japan and England.

We also have overseas-based customers who have offices in Turkey or work with contracted brokerage firms. Through these offices, we export mostly Medical, Textile, Food, Industrial, Building and Construction Materials, Electronic and Technological Equipment / Products to many international markets such as Asia, Europe, Africa, America.




We also offer online shopping services in order for the final consumers to reach the products we produce.


Custom Promotional Products

We are a solution partner in promotional projects such as advertising, promotion and marketing of brands belonging to businesses. In order to increase brand awareness, increase sales volumes, and create customer loyalty, we carry out all the activities that can be done in order to produce the promotional products they want to be produced in the country or abroad.

For example; X brand shampoo brand, in order to increase the sales of its products, together with the shampoo, want to give a promotional hair brush of suitable color and design. We manage all the processes from the design and production of this promotional hairbrush to its import if the production will be abroad, its packaging in accordance with the project and its delivery to the customer's warehouse.