About Us

Founded in Istanbul in 2015, Bavvey İç ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti. started its commercial life with the mission of being a business partner organization from which all businesses, regardless of scale, can purchase products / services. Thanks to its corporate structure built on the principles of Trust and Integrity and the experience of its founding staff, it grows day by day and continues on its way with the goal of becoming a global brand in its fields of activity.

Today, he has projects/works carried out with many companies both in Turkey and in the world. It has turned into an indispensable supply center for its customers by successfully managing many operations from production to export, from import to supply chain management with its offices in different centers of the world.

Our company, which appeals to a wide customer portfolio in the country, exports its products to many countries including Europe, Middle East, Africa, Black Sea and Mediterranean markets.

In addition to its own production, it strengthens the power of the “Made in Turkey” brand in the world markets with the production agreements it has made with the best manufacturers in the field, and continues to work as a reliable partner organization with the customer satisfaction it has created